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Use of a tally counter has been widespread ever since mankind learned the art of incremental counting. At first, manual counting became a trend which was soon replaced by mechanical, electronic or software devices to induce accuracy in counting. Counting, while it may seem very simple, has turned into a monumental task for many professional fields as well which we will discuss as this article progresses.

A little peek into the history

Mechanical counters came into existence first with the rise of a metal encased click counter that we all might have come across once in our lives.

click counter
Figure 1: Mechanical Tally Counter

The idea behind the mechanical counter was quite simple. It consisted of a metal casing with a cylindrical wheel inside. It consists of a window of plastic or glass which shows the current click count. On the inside, a number of rings ranging from 0 to 9 are assembled that go in a descending order clockwise. A majority of the counters have 4 rings to allow a maximum tally count of 9999.

The use of the mechanical counter was simply by the aid of a button located above the plastic window. To reset the counter, a knob is located on the side. This knob resets all rings into their default position e.g. from 1542 to 0000. For someone familiar with an analogue odometer in a car, this mechanical click counter works in a similar fashion.

Following the bloom of electronics in the world, an integrated circuit was used to memorize counts and on click of a button and display the current tally on an LCD. This was known as the electronic counter.

click counter
Figure 2 Electronic Click Counter

However, have a look at this era changing click counter

All of these click counters that are mentioned required that they must be kept as a separate device at all times for click counting. That is why Score Counter’s wide array of products are here to ease your day to day use.

Among many products from Score Counter, Click Counter is one of the foremost products that might be of great utility. In today’s world, a mobile or a laptop device is something always in access of a common man. Thus, our click counter ensures that you do not need to carry any separate mechanical or electronic counter. We have got it all covered for you in our various features of Score Counter’s Click Counter.

To make things easy for our customers, this counter is absolutely free of cost! Yes, you heard it right! Free of cost!

We have two versions of the click counter i.e. a click counter optimized for a mobile or smartphone device plus a click counter for access from a laptop or PC. In the mobile version, you simply have to tap the capacitive screen of your smartphone and that is it, your counts will be displayed on the on-screen counter. For the PC version, a simple click of the mouse on the screen will increase the tally. The special features that our click counter brings to its users are mentioned below.

Ability to Set Custom Theme:

Score Counter’s Click Counter allows you to set the theme of the screen according to your usage. Bright, Electric, Playful and Night; all themes are covered under our click counter. If you wish to bring a dazzling look to the counter’s screen, the electric or playful theme is customized for you! On the other hand, if you are a battery-saving freak, night mode is what you need!

Ability to Customize Colours of Background and Counter:

While we offer pre-built themes, you can also customize the counter according to your specific moods. Background and Counter colour option under Settings offers a wide array of the colour palette to choose from.

Ability to Count in Ascending or Descending Order:

A simple click on the “Count Up”, “Count Down” will toggle between ascending and descending counting to work in your context.

The Ability of Click Counting Options:

When you hover over the cursor over the main counter, you will have options of “=0”, “-1”, “+1”, “+5”, “+10”. These buttons make bi-directional and group counting easier. Just put it in context of an amusement park entry coordinator. He or she can now have the leverage to count a group of 10 with just a simple click on “+10” rather than having to press “+1” ten times. Pretty useful?

Ability to set up custom step size on Click Counter:

If you wish to plugin a custom step size e.g. one click should move the click counter by two steps, our Score Counter’s Click Counter got it covered too! Simply input your custom step size in the “Step” box and you are good to go.

Feature to set default counter position:

What if you wish to start your counting from 100? You might be thinking that a total of 10 clicks of ”+10” will be needed to bring the counter to 100? With our Click Counter, you do not need to do this at all because our “Set Counter” option just gives you the ease to input a custom starting number.

Setting Your Custom Font:

We offer a total of 5 custom fonts to choose from. Whether you like boxy or smooth fonts, all types are added on our click counter!

You might be thinking that is all to our Click Counter?

Well, there are three more features that might just amaze you!

Catering for Dual Counting Scenarios:

Our click counter is equipped with a fantastic feature which lets you add a second counter too! Just a click on the “Second Counter” option and you can now use dual counters on one screen.

Option to Equip Counter with a Timer:

This is a feature that very few or maybe none of our competitor click counters might have. “Show timer” button enables a custom timer that sits above your click counter so that you can have the option to count in certain scenarios where time is a key. For instance, if you are counting using the dual counter for a football match, a 90 minutes countdown can help you to keep track of not only the scores of both sides but also the current time duration of the match. Helpful right?

Moreover, you also get the option to use some pre-set countdowns e.g. 20 seconds, 25 seconds all the way up to 10 minutes.

Last but not the least, our Click Counter gives you the option to use a keyboard for counting too! The Space key is used to increment the counter, “B” is used to increase the secondary counter and “Esc” key brings up the Settings. A combination of “Ctrl +/-“can be used to zoom in or out.

Applications of Click Counter

Whether it is about automating the counting procedure at the entry of a stadium or counting runs in a cricket match, our Click Counter covers it all. Addons like dual counter also enable counting of goals for a football, basketball or even a tennis match!

Moreover, you can head over to to have an insight to many services that we offer related to click counters.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Click counter

. You just need to press “Count Up” or “Count Down” button to toggle between both modes of counting. Just remember that after toggling, the options of “=0”, “-1”, “+1”, “+5”, “+10” when you hover the mouse cursor over the counter will all be toggled in the opposite mode too. For example, if you use -1 in the Count Up mode, the overall count will subtract by one. However, using the same with Count Down mode will cause addition of one in the total count.

With our click counter, this is extremely easy to do. Just put in your default value of 10 in the box adjacent to “Set counter”. That is it!

Firstly, our click counter is the most customize-able click counter out there! It gives you custom themes, options of setting custom step size and several other features that other click counters give at a premium cost.
Secondly, our click counter also offers an integration of a stopwatch timer with the counter and do you know what? It is too free of cost!

. It is extremely simple. The Space key is used to increment the counter, “B” is used to increase the secondary counter and “Esc” key brings up the Settings. A combination of “Ctrl +/-“can be used to zoom in or out.

We offer our services free of cost! We can offer customized solutions too if you wish to use our development services for a specific event or contextual need.

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